Tulip Folds

I literally squealed with delight when I found this gorgeous, silk blouse tucked away at Decades Vintage. The different shades of blush caught the corners of my eye and I already had the perfect outfit in mind even before I went to pay. To modernize the look, I took the shoulder pads off, rolled up the sleeves, and paired it with silk shorts I snatched up at last year's Intermix sample sale. Every time I throw this blouse on, I'm so amazed at the construction and how well it has held its shape over the years.

{what i wore: vintage tulip blouse, alex lane shorts, valentino peep toe bow pumps, vintage bally bag}


Lainey said...

What a stunning shirt! I love the detailing on the sleeves. Very chic.

angeloou said...

sooo cute :)

SK said...

Such a great blouse!! The colors work so well. Especially with your shorts! Love your smile :)

alyssa said...

thats an AMAZING find! i loooove it. lucky you!
x. alyssa


ari said...

omg! that is an AMAZING find, and i love the shorts as well,

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Amazing find- that shirt is gorgeous. You styled the whole look perfectly too :)

Jean said...

beautiful! :)

Emmy said...

Gorgeous blouse!

Rule of Fashion said...

love ur blouse

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Daphne said...

INCREDIBLE blouse!!! What a find!
You look gorgeous and I'm so happy you're posting again!

Morning Cloak said...

Oh gorgeous! That's the find of a lifetime? How are the prices at Decades? I'm always scared to go in there, because I know some of the stuff they sell is crazy expensive!


iamronel said...

pretty awesome indeed

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Alice said...

cute! great blog :) very interesting top you have there!


jen said...

Insanely amazing blouse! And what a gorgeous outfit. Love the femininity of it.

Also wanted to commend you on your blog-- you're so creative! It is inspiring to see. :)

Hope you had a great weekend!


jen said...

By the way! This just crossed my mind that you would probably be a great person to ask! I'm looking to create a headboard so that I can upholster it with the fabric of my choice in order for it to suit my room. I think I'm going to be adventurous and go with the route of buying the wood and padding and putting it together myself. I am a first time home DIY-er, sodo you have any tips for me or do you have any other methods or alternate ideas that I could do to achieve this?

Thanks so much! :D

angela said...

looooove that top! and you should wear your hair like that more often <3

Kirstie. said...

Ruffles are so romantic..they make want to go dance around a park.