little drops of heaven.

After many attempts, I have finally found the perfect recipe for macarons! Although macarons are tiny lil things made essentially out of only egg whites, sugar, and almonds, their texture and creative flavor possibilities make them absolutely irresistible.

Beat egg whites until they begin to rise and hold shape

Fold in dry ingredients with a rubber spatula. Make sure there are no streaks of egg whites!

Pour batter in pastry bag.

Pipe batter on parchment paper. ( I drew 1 inch circles)

Bake for 15-18 minutes in a 350 degree oven.
I was so happy when I saw the little foots forming in the oven! :)


I made a lemon buttercream filling for my macarons.

All done!


Annabel said...

I'm getting hungry when I see those! Yummy!
But do you know if I could make them with a little bit less sugar? To me they are actually too sweet.

the ensemble project said...

@ annablel: I actually used less sugar than the recipe called for and it didn't mess up the texture! :)

the ensemble project said...

@ annablel: I actually used less sugar than the recipe called for and it didn't mess up the texture! :)

Jean said...

yumyum yum. i want some. more

Anonymous said...

Is that all? Is it really that easy? I think I could make some this weekend if I get almonds here in the Philippines.

I want to thank you!

Daphne said...

They look beautiful. Sigh. If only I liked Macarons!! But alas, I have no sweet tooth at all. :(!!

Harriet said...

what did you do about the cocoa powder? did you just leave it out? or add something else? or what? :)

PS they look incredible :D

the-ensemble-project said...

@ Harriet i left the cocoa powder out! :)

Alice said...

oh WOW those look divine. can't wait to try!!


Anna said...

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Josie said...

These look so delicious! I think macaroons are so sweet-looking.
It's my first time on your blog and I'm loving it -- can't wait for more!
xo Josie

iamronel.com said...

i hate seeing foods nowadays because they keep me hungry as always..grr but thats look yummy tho,.:)

ronelmarin.net said...

hmm..you such a bad girl,,why u posted that yummy cookies here..lol i got hungry

angela said...

oh my wordddddd. i want some of those!!!! lemon buttercream sounds DIVINE.

Ellen Tsay said...

nice looking feet you got over there!



Tamia said...

I had NO IDEA that's how macaroons were made, despite having eaten more than my fair share. They look so yummy!


Kirstie. said...

These look beyond delicious and your photography is beautiful.