diy: the cold shoulder.

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One of my favorite blogs has to be by model turned street style blogger, Hanneli Mustaparta. (click here) I immediately fell in love
with this picture. There's something about the denim on denim combo with that buttery oak color of her Mulberry bag that makes her
outfit perfection. Although her shirt is essentially a loose fitting denim button down, the cutout shoulder is definitely an eye catching
detail that adds a touch of feminine sexiness. Can you believe her top is actually a vintage bodysuit?? I knew it was a one of a kind
so I took matters into my own hands and made my own version. Check out my DIY below!
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I used my dad's old denim shirt. He's had it for years but I love how it feels so worn and oversize.

1) Fold over the shirt in half and pin down with straight pins to hold shirt in place.
2) Draw line with marking pencil along arm hole. (I used a bowl as a guide)
3) Carefully cut along the lines with a fabric scissor.
**Make sure you ONLY cut half of the line you drew. Start from the top of the shoulder to the center. If you cut all the way, it will
just become a sleeveless button down!**
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little drops of heaven.

After many attempts, I have finally found the perfect recipe for macarons! Although macarons are tiny lil things made essentially out of only egg whites, sugar, and almonds, their texture and creative flavor possibilities make them absolutely irresistible.

Beat egg whites until they begin to rise and hold shape

Fold in dry ingredients with a rubber spatula. Make sure there are no streaks of egg whites!

Pour batter in pastry bag.

Pipe batter on parchment paper. ( I drew 1 inch circles)

Bake for 15-18 minutes in a 350 degree oven.
I was so happy when I saw the little foots forming in the oven! :)


I made a lemon buttercream filling for my macarons.

All done!


Tulip Folds

I literally squealed with delight when I found this gorgeous, silk blouse tucked away at Decades Vintage. The different shades of blush caught the corners of my eye and I already had the perfect outfit in mind even before I went to pay. To modernize the look, I took the shoulder pads off, rolled up the sleeves, and paired it with silk shorts I snatched up at last year's Intermix sample sale. Every time I throw this blouse on, I'm so amazed at the construction and how well it has held its shape over the years.

{what i wore: vintage tulip blouse, alex lane shorts, valentino peep toe bow pumps, vintage bally bag}


DIY: Lattice Mirror Table

Q: What do you get when you combine a mirror and a table?
A: The most affordable mirrored lattice coffee table!

As most of you know, I have another blog called A Sweet Concoction. I haven't updated in a while since I've been focusing most of my free time on this blog! That was my first blog and I'm still very much attached to it. I offered easy & affordable DIY interior decorating tips that anybody can do! One of my favorite entries was this bathroom makeover. I have decided, for now, to only update this blog regularly, but will also offer interior decorating tips as well!I want to say upfront that I do not have ANY experience in design. It's something I do for fun and that I enjoy very much! I think style and design go hand in hand so hopefully my tips will inspire some of you!

With that said, this entry is a perfect example of how I like to decorate. I try to look at pieces that I already own and "upgrade" them some how to create something new and improved. I quickly fell in love with this lattice mirror that I found at Home Goods for $99. I originally bought this for my old bedroom but decided to go out on the limb and make a mirrored coffee table out of it! It fit perfectly onto my coffee table that I bought to Philadelphia. It was a match made in heaven. :)

Enjoyed this entry? Please check out my DIY section from A Sweet Concoction!


Terrain @ Styer

This past weekend, my friend came down to Philly to visit me. I've been dying to take her to Styer's Garden Cafe for brunch. Located in Glenn Mills, PA, it is about a 30 minute drive from the city. Terrain at Styers is Urban Outfitters 4th venture project, and this new home and garden lifestyle concept is executed so beautifully. Terrain is a greenhouse/retail store/cafe all in one. It carries a gorgeous blend of house ware items, garden related items, hand made soap, and even offers a full range of landscaping services.

The cafe is located inside a bright greenhouse space. The food was amazing! Fresh, local ingredients are only used, and the menu changes with the season. I ordered a beet & carrot burger with herbs and pesto goat cheese. It's by far one of the best meals I have had in PA. I will definitely be going back to Terrain soon...possibly this weekend??

{my beet&carrot burger}
{breakfast sandwich}
{olive oil poached chicken salad sandwich}
{inside cafe}
{what i'm wearing: UO jeggings, DIY Miu Miu boots, jacket&sweater from Korea}
how cool is this necklace holder?
I want those punch metal lanterns so badly!!
lemon tree!
check out terrain's website here


ballerina touch.

Black and white with touches of dusty rose is the perfect girly color combination. From my early age of ten, I had my room
painted pink and since then I have never given up my ultrafeminine ways. High heels, billowy blouses, ruffles, and
layered jewels are staples in my wardrobe.

Mini polka dots are so fun and the black & white color makes it such a classic style.
what i wore: rag&bone blouse, loeffler randall pants, prada booties, ann taylor necklace, vince leather jacket