diy: the cold shoulder.

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One of my favorite blogs has to be by model turned street style blogger, Hanneli Mustaparta. (click here) I immediately fell in love
with this picture. There's something about the denim on denim combo with that buttery oak color of her Mulberry bag that makes her
outfit perfection. Although her shirt is essentially a loose fitting denim button down, the cutout shoulder is definitely an eye catching
detail that adds a touch of feminine sexiness. Can you believe her top is actually a vintage bodysuit?? I knew it was a one of a kind
so I took matters into my own hands and made my own version. Check out my DIY below!
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I used my dad's old denim shirt. He's had it for years but I love how it feels so worn and oversize.

1) Fold over the shirt in half and pin down with straight pins to hold shirt in place.
2) Draw line with marking pencil along arm hole. (I used a bowl as a guide)
3) Carefully cut along the lines with a fabric scissor.
**Make sure you ONLY cut half of the line you drew. Start from the top of the shoulder to the center. If you cut all the way, it will
just become a sleeveless button down!**
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Miss M said...

that looks amazing, well done! i did something similar to a denim shirt of mine, it had western style shoulder seams that i cut along. i should really post pics on my blog.
Miss M

elle said...

very inspiring DIY! :)

thanks for the tut!

Jean said...

i absolutely LOVE it and you look absolutely GREAT in it.. i like you with your hair all up its fab :)

Daphne said...

I fell in love with that photo when I first saw it, too! Perfect. And you DIYed it SO WELL! Beautiful. xo

angela said...

oooooh sexy shoulders ;) love love love your shoes!

ARA said...

gorgeous! love what you did to your shirt.xx


The Fashion Cloud said...

Fantastic DUY!! I am really liking this new trend of peek a boo shoulders


babyxswts5 said...

Great tutorial! I'm sending this to a friend of mine who loves DIY projects =)

~Vanessa from Smashion

artillerie said...

I love this! I might actually try it.

Kelly said...

Super great! I gotta try this!
Lovely blog, following you on bloglovin!

<3 Kelly

The Fashion Cloud said...

Fantastic DIY, I have actually featured this look in my latest post: http://www.thefashioncloud.com/categories/bare-with-me/

I hope you like it


Belle de Couture said...

LOVE your blog :D It's great!!

Just found it and I am so following now...




well done!
the result is divine :D

jess said...

Great job on your diy.

Belle de Couture said...

Awesome DIY, you really nailed it! :D

I just found your blog and I adore it!

I featured a pic of you in my post today...hope that is okay :)

Please check it out!



agatiszka said...

Fantastic idea!!



awesome, ill have 2 try this! come follow xxo

Limitless Fashion said...

Great idea!
Lovee your blog!


Star-Light said...

great DIY and awesome blog!

i follow you...follow me on facebook or blogger if you want :)

kerry said...

mmmm now you've got me thinking!!! i love this feature of a denim shirt. hanneli is amazing, i feel the same as you!!!! only just found your blog i'm sad to say, wish i'd have seen it earlier, love it!!! found it off le blog de sushi :) definitely following!!


jessy said...

oh! i love this! how clever!

i remember noticing Hanneli's post and thinking that i loved her top. i've got a bleached out denim jacket, i wonder if that could do with a little de-shouldering...?

xx jessy


great outfits!
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Coco said...

This is great - will definitely try it when I have a spare denim shirt. x

The Queen of Hearts said...


The Queen of Hearts